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Business concept

Smart Energy aims to become a leading Swedish supplier of petrol through the consolidation of a number of smaller operators within the sector. Smart is locally-based, and by retaining the brands which it has acquired, Smart Energy maintains a close relationship with the customer in the marketplace and has a high level of local knowledge via its local offices. Smart is a small and cost-effective organisation with direct contact with the customer, and in this way we are able to be highly responsive to customers’ needs – which is a key element of our business concept.


Smart aims to sell a volume of 300,000 cubic metres of fuel per year and to establish 100 petrol stations in rural Sweden over the course of the next five fiscal years.


Smart Energy’s vision is to become a leading operator of small-scale petrol stations throughout rural Sweden. Smart aims to become a well-regarded brand which in its establishment of petrol stations throughout Sweden at all times is associated with a long-term vision.