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Smart Energy hereby gives a brief update on upcoming openings and inaugurations of new smart fuel stations.

  1. Johannishus, established inauguration in spring
  2. Skillinge established, the estimated start-up in March
  3. Eringsboda, estimated establishment and start-up in April
  4. Bollstabruk, estimated establishment and start-up in June
  5. Överlida, permission is awaited, estimated start-up in August
  6. Påryd (Kalmar), permission is awaited, calculated starting summer 2017
  7. Arla. Established calculated start after final state in the beginning of 2017. The last requirement of the asphalt must be done around the station before commissioning will take place as soon as spring weather permits. Estimated inauguration in April together with local companies and associations.

In other works Smart active with another 6 locations where we estimate that the establishment will take place in autumn 2017.

All the above-Smart fuel stations financed by the Group’s own funds / cash and therefore will not have any interest or principal payments burdening these stations.

Fredrik Johansson

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