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Börse Berlin
Börse Düsseldorf

Contact Germany

GFEI Aktiengesellschaft
Address: Ostergrube 11
30559 Hannover
Phone: +49 511 47402311
Mail: smartenery@gfei.de

Contact Sweden

Smart Energy Sweden Group AB (Publ)
Address: Hälleflundregatan 12
426 58 Västra Frölunda
Phone: +46 31-12 00 56
Mail: info@smartenergysweden.se

Smart Energy Sweden Group AB (publ) is today a public limited company registered with the Swedish Central Securities Depository. Such companies together with their shares are registered with a securities depository in accordance with the regulation (1998:1479) on auditing of financial instruments. Smart and its shares are affiliated with the VPC system, and Euroclear is its central securities depository and clearing organisation. The company’s shareholders do not received any physical share certificates, but instead share transactions take place electronically via registration of authorised banks and other securities depositories in the VPC-system.

As of 27/01/2017, the total number of shares in the company is 467.564.312 and the company’s share capital at present amounts to SEK 46.756.431,20.

If you have any questions concerning shares, you are welcome to contact us at the following email address: info@smartenergysweden.se


Its shares are traded on the stock exchange börseberlin and börsedusseldorf under the shortname SMAR
ISIN kod : SE0002627141

It is important to note that individual administrators/custodians/securities institutions are responsible for assisting with purchase and sale orders on behalf of the holder of the securities in as flexible a manner as possible. Nonetheless it is in the nature of the market that the business concept of the majority of actors is to earn money from brokerage, and as a result actors will naturally take the opportunity to charge large sums for brokerage of stock trading on foreign stock exchanges.

Smart Energy is affiliated with Euroclear Sweden (Sweden’s central securities depository), in which its shares are electronically registered. Euroclear has entered into an agreement with its counterpart central securities depository, Clearstream in Germany, in order to be able to quickly and easily move shares on behalf of all shareholders irrespective of which bank or custodian the shares are held by.

Shareholders wishing to avail themselves of the opportunity to trade stock in the most cost-effective and expeditious manner are encouraged to make use of the German equivalents of the large Swedish internet banks which specialise in stock trading. Non-German shareholders can easily become customers of such banks by applying to open an account online. One can then move shares from one’s current custodian to one’s new account with one of the custodians listed below, and will then be able to begin trading stock at a very low brokerage rate in real time.

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