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Smart has signed an agreement to from a market leader purchase a certain percentage of their annual volume sold in the form of the fossil-free fuel HVO.

The fuel is produced at fossil-free components and can be used in all diesel engines. The fuel cut emissions radically, and has previously sold to smaller share of the subsidiaries, but when mixed in a part of the sold diesel. Now the bulk supply of pure 100% HVO begin to be delivered from v. 9 to haulage and agricultural customers in the group who wishes or demands from their customers to operate their vehicles with renewable fuels.

This is part of the Smart Energys’s strategy to slowly replace the Group sold fuels to only be fossil-free.

Customer Price is equivalent to conventional diesel.
The margin per sold liters is also equivalent to conventional diesel.

The strategy is to start sales of the HVO 100 on two of Smart’s fuel stations in southern Sweden in the spring of 2017.

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