Smart Energy would like to give a brief update on sales etc. in January.

Smart fuel stations sold 20% more fuel per station compared to in January 2016. This is very encouraging and shows that the concept works and that the brand is strengthened over time, new stations are established.
See also separate report in the memo dated 21 / 2-2017.
Otherwise worked all stations very well operationally and technically with the minimal number of problems / incidents.

Smart’s own fuel depot in Trelleborg during the period worked without technical problems and did not report any incidents since it was introduced in 2016 which shows that the procedures and samtlig technique works satisfactorily.

Bulk Sales of fuels exceeded expectations and added new fleet customers and resellers which made the volume sold exceeded the budget by about 10%. It also concluded agreements for the supply of gas throughout 2017 to a major purchase association for agriculture in southern Sweden which is very pleasing.

Tanker Pallas Smart Energy hired to transport the fuels Smart importing itself and for other trading operations, made its first deliveries of low sulfur marine fuel for external customers in January. All deliveries were performed to ferries in the German and Swedish ports.

Otherwise, the result was better than budgeted, and liquidity was very good, partly because of the new issue of 25mkr signed by CEO Fredrik Johansson’s own companies. Partly because of higher than expected sales at Smart Fuel stations where cards payments are paid directly to the company’s trading account the day after refueling occurred.

Fredrik Johansson

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