Guidelines & information2017-02-07T14:21:40+01:00

The information policy employed by Smart Energy Group AB (publ) is to transmit information internally and externally such that knowledge of the company and its commercial activities and confidence in the company is maintained. This information must be correct, relevant and well-formulated, and be suited to the target groups in question, which include shareholders, analysts, the media, partners, suppliers, customers, agencies and the general public. Disclosure of information to shareholders and other stakeholders shall be carried out in an open and easily-accessible manner and must be well-planned.

The information must be presented in a clear and uniform manner. The information must not be ethically contentious. All employees have an important role with respect to information management. The company must on a continual basis provide shareholders and other stakeholders with information which is correct, reliable and relevant. Management personnel must be kept updated with regard to the latest news, facts and financial situation.

With respect to the fact that Smart Energy Group AB (publ) is a public company, such information which has not previously been published in annual financial reports, interim reports, communiqués etc. will not be disclosed to external parties.