Dividend policy2017-02-07T14:15:43+01:00

The company pledges, on an ongoing basis, to return value to its shareholders either via dividends, repurchase or redemption of shares. The company will make use of whichever method it evaluates as being in the best interests of its shareholders. The size of any future share dividends paid to the company’s shareholders in the current year depends upon a number of factors including the company’s annual result, financial standing, cash flow and need for operational capital in order that dividends can be paid to the company’s shareholders.

Decisions regarding distribution of profits will be reached by the annual shareholders’ meeting, and payment will be administered by Euroclear. All parties registered as shareholders in the share register administered by Euroclear are granted the right to payment of dividends on the day determined for payment of shares, which is decided by the annual shareholders’ meeting. Dividends are typically paid out as a cash sum per share, and payment is administered by Euroclear, but payment can also take place in another form than cash, such as for example distribution in kind (i.e. stock rather than cash). This is done because it is sometimes more favourable to distribute relevant holdings directly to the company’s shareholders in order to achieve a higher rate of return on the company’s holdings. In the event that it is not possible to contact shareholders regarding receipt of dividends, the claims allotted to the shareholder(s) in question remain with the company and are limited solely by the general regulations concerning limitation.

In the event of limitation the entire sum accrues to the company. Smart does not exercise any restrictions or particular procedures with respect to cash dividends paid to shareholders resident outside Sweden. With the exception of any restrictions which arise from the banking and clearing system, payment to such shareholders will take place in the same manner as for shareholders resident in Sweden. For shareholders who are not resident in Sweden for tax purposes, standard Swedish dividend tax applies.